The whole story

Coat-hangers have been part of the family for over 50 years.How could Raymond Laguelle ever have imagined, back in 1946, that his tiny manufacture of wooden clothes pegs and coat-hangers would become a Europeanleader in hanging cupboard items ?
During the course of the sixties, Raymond Laguelle paved the way as he invested in a plastic injection press, and extended his line of products to meet fastchanging consumer needs.
Since 1969, we have relentlessly continued to develop our industrial tools, but we still manufacture those wooden coat-hangers which started our family business.
From 1970 to 1985, our firm grew rapidly with the introduction of new lines of coat-hangers, pegged dress hangers, clothes pegs and peg baskets, along with new designs, oshapes and improvements such as a revolving hook.
In 1994, LAGUELLE was requested by a distributing brand to develop a new, welldesigned and innovative line of household products.Today, our corporate philosophy remains the same : we design innovative products in partnership with leading distributors, drawing on LAGUELLE’ s industrial knowhow and capacity, qualified human resources and ongoing investment, while maintaining a high level of quality and environmental awareness.

This is how we stand as we, at LAGUELLE, look towards Europe and the challenges of the new millenium.

Laguelle fabricant d'articles de ménage

Order management

By the same token, LAGUELLE set up state-of-the-art shipping processes, as well as computer order and stock management, so that any order is now processed within 48 hours.

Cintres, pinces jupes, pinces à linge, paniers porte pinces à linge

To do and get better

We at LAGUELLE never stop improving our line of products in the face of competition. We make them more efficient while developing innovative solutions in close partnership with two talented designers : Cabinet Barré et Cabinet Bonnet. Our most recent innovation has been mixedcomponent products.
Our R&D capacity and prototyping technniques give shape to your ideas, making it possible to manufacture the products you need, however specific they may be.

Pinces à linge Laguelle